Hays County Emergency Services District No. 3

Emergency services districts (ESDs) are political subdivisions of the State of Texas, operating under the Constitution of Texas, Chapter 775. An ESD is much like a school district or a county. As Texas outgrows the abilities of cities and rural volunteer fire departments, ESDs are on the cutting edge of providing fire protection and emergency medical response.

The ESD's role is to collect taxes from the citizens of its respective district and utilize those revenues for emergency services. Those services provided by Hays County ESD#3 include Fire and allied services, First Responder (including EMS) ,and water rescue.  

The Commissioners of the ESD are an appointed Board by the County Commissioners to oversee and guide the various activities of the ESD and its divisions.

ESD Contact Information:

Mailing Address:
Hays County Emergency Services District No. 3
3528 Hunter Road
San Marcos, Texas 78666

Email: admin@southhaysfire.com

Phone: 512-754-7963
Fax: 512-396-8051

The current Commissioners are:

Tom Richey, President

Leighton Stallones, Vice-President

Ross Britt, Treasurer

Chase Stapp, Secretary

Lea Ann Kenworthy, Commissioner



Hays County ESD#3 covers the southern portion of Hays County outside the city limits of San Marcos. For a detailed map click on Hays County ESD#3 Map.



HCESD3 Meeting Announcements & Agendas

Monday July 22, 5:30 p.m. -- Regular Meeting posted 07/19/2024



Public Notices

    Order to Raise Taxes posted 08/28/2023

    Notice of Public Hearing on Tax Increase posted 08/16/2023

    Notice about 2023 Tax Rates posted 08/16/2023

    2023 Tax Rate Calculation Worksheet posted 08/16/2023


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